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"The Mud Church!"


Make Emanuel UCC a Stop on Your Spiritual Journey

The German pioneers who settled in our community in the 19th century were seeking a way of life, peace, and an opportunity to worship God. They formed our church by meeting in homes, then built the original Mud Church building on a beautiful and scenic hillside where the present-day church now stands.

Perhaps you, too, are on a journey. Perhaps you’re looking for the right setting for studying and hearing the word of God. Our congregation is a mix of long-time members, visitors, and people of all ages – all at different points along their spiritual journey. We invite you to experience what a small, rural church can do with the right mix of music, preaching, prayer, and fellowship. Join us in our recently-renovated church building complete with beautifully appointed restrooms, and a comfortable fellowship hall, as well as a modern audio/video system.

Our pastor, Jay Scott, grew up in our area and works the land as part of a family farm. Pastor Jay received a call to pastoral ministry well into his adult life, and his own spiritual journey brought him to “The Mud Church!” where his agriculture heritage and his life experience are very much a part of his weekly message.

We’ll save a seat for you!

Why is it Called "Mud Church"?

The Mud Church congregation was formed in 1852, but it wouldn’t be for another three years that the nickname would be applied – literally.

A group of German families who had settled on land southeast of present-day Upper Sandusky initially began meeting in homes to worship God. In 1855, those pioneering Christians constructed a small, modest building which they called “Emanuel,” based on scripture that foretold the birth of Jesus.

“The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Emanuel, which means “God With Us.”
- Matthew 1:23

To seal the little church from the weather, its builders applied a plaster made of mud and straw – an early means of energy efficiency. Ever since, even after a second – and the third and present building made of bricks - were built on the site, Emanuel has been known as “The Mud Church!”

Today, with its traditional “Akron style” sanctuary (sloped floor and curved pews that focus the view of the worshiper on the altar) and its modern fellowship area (the Donald and Mary Jean Alban Community Room) is a historic landmark and a place for worship in the traditions of protestant reformers.

Sunday Services at 10:00am

Sunday School at 9:00am

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